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Free Leads

In today’s hyper-competitive business environment,free  lead is always on the mind of marketers. Businesses are expecting perpetual leads for their products and services. Free leads are almost always better than paid ones.

We all know that finding free leads online is far easier than finding good quality paid business leads. To help you find the best websites to find top-notch quality free leads, we have compiled this list of sites where you can get them fast and easy – no strings attached!

How to get free Leads

There are many ways for getting free Leads for your Business, such as

1) Get Free Leads
free Leads
free Leads
Free Conference Call has totally revamped its website after being acquired by 2Connect, a global cloud technology company with offices in India and US; Freeconferencecall now offers one of the most extensive directories of Free conference call services.

On, the Free Conference Call Geeks have put together an absolutely exhaustive list of Free conference call services offered by companies all over the world. While some of them may not offer free leads per se, many do offer sign-up forms that you can use for your own business purposes to get in touch with existing users and potential future customers.

The Free Conference Call directory lists approximately 872 links to websites providing Free Conference Call Services (I counted). Not only that, but FreeConferenceCall also makes it easy to discover new conferences in areas related to yours; allowing you to develop relationships with stakeholders interested in what you sell. Just – there’s no such thing as Free Lunches! is a free resource that provides Free leads, but you will have to pay for Free Conference Calls if the quality of service offered by other providers is not up to par.

2) Free Lead Generation Via Social Media
social media marketing
Social Media

You should definitely take advantage of technologies like Twitter and Facebook which are not only great for connecting with your customers or clients but are also excellent tools to find potential leads.

Figure out who your target market is on social network sites and then reach out to them directly. You can promote your business through free services like Facebook Ads or build relationships with these people through shared content posted on pages related to what they care about most. For example, you can post interesting articles related to the tourism industry on your Facebook fan page if you are selling travel packages to help people plan their vacations.

Use the Free features of these social networking sites wisely for Free lead generation or pay a service provider to maintain your social media presence through premium opportunities. Experience shows that Free Conference Calls are ideal for sales, lead generation, and telemarketing services because they allow telemarketers to speak directly with customers.

3) Aweber Email Marketing for Free Leads

Aweber is one of the most popular email marketing services available on the market today. With more than 90,000 users and hundreds of thousands of subscribers, they are leading in this segment. AWeber provides all the features you need to grow your business through effective email campaigns including unlimited lists, autoresponders, and advanced segmentation tools.

4. Set up your own form at for $0-$25 Similar to Infusionsoft, but extremely easy to use and understand – which is what I like about them the most. This option allows you to collect leads without having an account with them. If that sounds weird, it’s because it is; there are no accounts with this company because the software runs within the cloud on their platform servers for free if you only want to collect leads for your own use. If you want to make money doing something else with them, then they charge you.

5. Use your existing forms/website pages An obvious one but I’m sure some people might forget this option. Create a form on your website or blog and capture email addresses that way. Not the best free option but it’s still totally possible!

6) Add Contact Form Service

Collecting Contact Forms With This Service Setting up contact forms is super easy with the right tools. Here are some of our favorite services that can help you do just that! The settings on these are pretty self-explanatory so try them out and see what works Free for you!

7) OptinMonster

Ultimate Lead Generation Tool for Free Leads With OptinMonster, you can easily integrate your favorite list-building tools with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, WordPress, and numerous other places to grab leads. It’s all about creating easy-to-find Free lead generation forms that are highly visible so they can provide you with a great return on investment (ROI).

8) PopUp Domination

PopUp Domination Amazing Software For Collecting Email Addresses Here’s an even better tool that will show popups on your website or blog for each of your visitors. You’ll be able to directly interact with them through this platform as well which is super convenient if Free leads are your primary goal.

10) MailChimp

MailChimp Easy To Use Email Marketing For Beginners It’s hard not to mention the email marketing giant called MailChimp which has been around since 2001 and helps more than 2 million people send over 10 billion emails per month. With countless integrations with major eCommerce platforms, MailChimp is a popular choice for small businesses and bloggers because of its intuitive interface where it takes just a few minutes for new users to get started with automation features able to send targeted emails and Free lead generation.

11) SendPulse – Email Marketing with Google Analytics Integration

12) MixMax – All-in-One Sales Platform for Gmail

13) ToutApp

ToutApp Highly Effective Sales Emails With all the social media marketing tools, email marketing has definitely lost some power. But it’s still an effective way to connect with your customers and prospects especially now that there are so many more people using smartphones than they ever have before. That means emails are now just as important as tweets which need to be short, concise, and easy to read on a phone. MixMax helps you do just that by providing high converting sales emails that are formatted perfectly right out of the Free Lead Generation out of the box.

14) TextMagic SMS Marketing Text messages are no longer only used for communicating one-on-one with Free Lead Generation. They can also be used as a marketing tool as well. TextMagic is one of the leading providers in this industry and they will let you send text messages to an unlimited number of phone numbers on their network all from a single dashboard. As far as pricing goes it’s based on the volume of texts you send across their platform rather than per message or subscription plan which is great for small business owners.

15) Zapier

Get More From Your Marketing Tools The first step before sending out your first email campaign is always finding prospects to reach out to. Whether that’s through Facebook, Twitter, or some other social media site, you need an efficient way to find Free Lead Generation. With Zapier you can connect your marketing tools and automate tasks to make it easier than ever before.

16) GetResponse

GetResponse Powerful Email Marketing For Small Businesses Upcoming events is also a great way to get in front of Free Leads. They’ll help you find new leads and prospects with zero work on your end. You simply create an event, add what you want to show or offer when people attend and then send that information out via email using a tool like MailChimp or Getresponse.

17) LaunchRock

It is an Easy Tool For Your Next URLS Another simple but effective Free Leads tool that’s a great time-saver is a landing page builder. LaunchRock allows you to create a simple landing page with their easy-to-use interface and then they will even host the site for free whether it be through our URL or another platform.

19) Formstack

Create Online Surveys For Your Brand One of the easiest ways to collect more information from your prospects is by creating online surveys. That can be done without any extra tools but having a form-building solution like Formstack will Free Lead Generation.

20) Typeform

Increase Your Brand’s Visibility One of the best ways to build trust in your brand is by being transparent. That works especially well with B2B marketing which can help you generate more leads for your business, regardless of size. With Typeform you’ll be able to create beautiful surveys that will make it easier for people to provide information about themselves which is crucial when looking at creating better relationships between client and company.

21) Keepa – Pause Ads When Price Drops Have you ever noticed how an ad on social media or another site keeps following you around? Well if you’re tired of seeing it over and over again there are Free Leads.

22) GetFeedback

Market Research Made Easy Another great tool that allows you to collect feedback from your customers is by creating surveys and then promoting them across social media. With tools like Facebook, it’s as simple as writing a post and sharing the survey with everyone who follows your page. These will let you fill out an automated survey and if they don’t qualify or want to continue down the sales funnel, you can send them back to your website where they will be offered an incentive to complete the form, such as a discount coupon for their first purchase.

23) ActiveCampaign – Manage Your Marketing Campaigns Using Automation

Another way to integrate technology into your marketing strategy is Free lead Generation by automating tasks and small business owners. You can set up automated emails when someone signs your list or when they download a whitepaper for instance. The person will automatically be added to their customer database which you can manage using one of the many CRMs on the market today.

24) ContentMarketer – Get B2B Leads With Blogs

More than ever before, companies are turning toward content marketing as a way to attract their ideal customers into becoming actual paying clients. If that sounds like something you’re interested in Free.

free leads

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