Google Ads Management

Google Ads is Google’s advertisement system. Google Ads management organizations deploy Google Ad campaigns across the Internet to promote the products and services they offer. Google Ads uses an auction-based pricing model that allows advertisers to receive more targeted by displaying ads only on websites that match their intended audience and feedback and then customize bids and budgets for Google Ad campaigns based on this target group. LeadLeaps helps the business to set up campaigns using High volume and long-tail keywords that rank easily on Search engines and maximize leads and more sales. Your google ads will show at the top of the search result.

Google Ads
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As part of Google Ads management, Google Ad creatives can be used in two different forms: * text ads (displayed as banners) which appear above or next to Google search engine results; * text link ads (displayed below Google search results, but not in a box), which appear within Google’s network of content sites such as blogs and directory pages.[2] Google AdWords is Google’s advertising portal. Google Ads campaigns are run with Google AdWords, which is the company’s premier pay-per-click (PPC) program and targets web users who search for products or services sold by advertisers. Google AdWords is an auction system where advertisers compete to appear with Google Ads on Google search result pages based on keywords entered by Google searchers that describe what they are looking for online.

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The more successful Google Ad campaigns use automated rules known as “smart bidding” that automatically adjusts bids in real-time based upon factors such as keyword quality score, ad rank of its competitors, Google Ads minimum bid requirements, previous Google Ads statistics, and user search history. Google AdWords is Google’s paid-search platform for Google Product Search, Google Shopping, and more than 20 other Google services. Many of these sites allow users to click on ads that originate on Google in order to get more information about a particular product or service.


LeadLeaps has the Google Ads management professionals in order to access the Developer Tools section of the Adwords Dashboard. Google Ad campaigns can be run using keywords based upon a topic, products, or services you offer among many other variables including industry type. With Google Ads management, advertisers can set up an ad campaign specifying how much they are willing to pay per day for Google Ads. Google AdWords advertisers agree to Google’s general terms and pay Google a certain amount every time someone clicks on the ad. Google Ads management is the process of getting as much as possible from your Google AdWords budget by working with your Google AdWords agency to create well-targeted ads that result in high click-through rates (CTR).

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